2016 Hurricane Season Is Almost Here

Hurricane Ice ReliefWe’ll just have to hope there isn’t a hurricane this year.  That’s what a potential customer says when they decide to wait until next year to get prepared for power outages.  Sometimes it’s for budget reasons, but many times it’s because life’s other priorities make thinking about power outages a little inconvenient.  The sad part is seeing these same folks suffering later on, in the aftermath of a major hurricane.  

This year promises to be a little different from previous, quiet hurricane seasons.  Why is this year different?  The weather phenomenon called El Nino is rapidly dissipating in the Pacific Ocean.  El Nino does many things, including reducing the number of Atlantic hurricanes.  Without El Nino in 2016, the number and severity of hurricanes could increase back to historical averages.

We would much rather install a generator for you now than wait to hear from you after a major storm.  Installing a generator takes several weeks, and we get very busy with all the new customers.  The only way to be prepared is to prepare in advance, not wait until a storm is approaching.