Year: 2016

Fake Load Bank Test at Surgery Center!

This one is hard to believe.  In a previous blog posting we talked about a local surgery center in Cape Coral and how their previous generator company performed inadequate maintenance.  As it turns out, it’s worse than we thought. In

Competitor Cleanup – Surgery Center

We got a call from a local surgery center in Cape Coral, Florida.  Their generator was having problems and their existing generator company wasn’t taking care of it.  Any location in Florida performing surgery is required to have a backup

Customer Cleanup #34 – Generac 20kW

From time to time we get calls from customers that are unsatisfied with other Southwest Florida generator dealers.  But why are they unsatisfied?  Every company is going to run into difficulties occasionally.  Customers don’t typically mind when something goes wrong.

Generators for Oxygen Concentrators and Medical Equipment

We sometimes get phone calls from customers that need to power medical equipment during a power outage, or while traveling.  Things like oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines.  Powering medical equipment requires a clean power signal from a quality generator.  Using a

Does Your Generator Company Have a Good Attitude?

We received another phone call today from a customer that had a problem with “XYZ generator company” in Naples.  I’m genuinely sorry to hear when customers are dropped, even though it does sometimes mean we gain a new customer.  The

Installing Generators in Cape Coral, FL

When we install generators in Cape Coral, we get a few unique questions. First, security.  I’m not sure whether crime is really higher in Cape Coral, or if customers there are just more security-minded for other reasons.  How difficult is

Hurricane Season Generator Install Times

It takes about 3 weeks to install a generator system if you already have propane or natural gas at the home; or 4 weeks total if you don’t have gas and it needs to be added.  This takes into account

Never Trust Generator Sizing Calculators

It’s tempting.  You’re trying to size a generator for your home, and you come across an online calculator from a generator manufacturer.  You plug in your appliances, what you want to run, and it spits out a recommended generator size. 

2016 Hurricane Season Is Almost Here

We’ll just have to hope there isn’t a hurricane this year.  That’s what a potential customer says when they decide to wait until next year to get prepared for power outages.  Sometimes it’s for budget reasons, but many times it’s because life’s

We Are Now Tropical Generator!

Part of our commitment to customer service is making sure your experience is as smooth as possible.  After talking with many of our customers, we heard a common theme: people have trouble remembering the name Florida Power Generation.  Others confused our

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