Competitor Cleanup – Surgery Center

We got a call from a local surgery center in Cape Coral, Florida.  Their generator was having problems and their existing generator company wasn’t taking care of it.  Any location in Florida performing surgery is required to have a backup power source. You can imagine how bad it would be if the power failed during a critical surgery.  Lives could be at stake.  Despite this, some of our competitors don’t treat medical generators with the respect they deserve.

The existing generator company was under annual contract to handle everything related to the generator.  They failed to do so, neglecting even basic maintenance items.  When we arrived, the generator barely started and ran poorly.  Not what you’re hoping for when power fails during a surgery.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the distributor cap, an important part of the engine which requires regular maintenance:

Generator distributor cap showing severe corrosion and electrical pitting.

Generator distributor cap showing severe corrosion and electrical pitting.

You may notice the little silver tabs (there’s 4 of them in this photo).  This distributor cap is original to the generator, over 7 years old, and has received no maintenance in that time.  It was desperately in need of replacement.  You can see the heavy corrosion and roughness on the little tabs.  Without a new distributor cap, this generator could have failed at any moment.

It is sad to see customers get burned by unprofessional generator companies that take money every year, but are unwilling or unable to perform the basic maintenance needed to keep a generator working properly.

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