Cummins Introduces New 20kW Generator

Cummins RS20A 20kW Generator New Design

After almost 10 years, the Cummins Onan 20kW residential air-cooled generator is getting a complete redesign.  The new model is called the C20 N6H and uses the Cummins QSJ999 engine.  Cummins likes to have multiple names for the same product, so the C20 N6H is also called the RS20A.  Lots of changes were implemented during the redesign.  Gone is the odd, mushroom-shaped lid from earlier models.  Instead, Cummins has taken its styling cues from, well, a brick.  But don’t let the basic design fool you…

The compact, cube-shaped design sports a lot of power in a quiet and small package; perfect for blending in to your landscaping.  A new, full-footprint hinged lid makes checking the oil a bit easier.  Tight panel fit and hidden fasteners make for a clean and reliable design that seems at least as strong as the 150mph+ wind-rated design it replaces.  In Naples and Fort Myers, the wind rating is key because a Category 3 hurricane might obliterate your generator before it can do its job.  Look for official test certifications on the new RS20A for wind ratings in the coming months.

RS20A Outline Drawing

RS20A Outline Drawing (click for full res)

For those of you familiar with the famous Onan generators of the 1980s and 1990s, the Cummins-labeled machines are the latest version of the quality Onan product.  Cummins and Onan merged partially in the 1980s and fully merged almost 15 years ago, but you may see the Onan name on a variety of products.  These machines are made in Fridley, Minnesota and the staff at Tropical Generator (239-206-4509) has toured the plant multiple times over the last 10 years.  If you’re looking for a quality, American-made generator, it doesn’t get better than the Cummins RS20A.

RS20AC Spec Sheet – Download Here

Sound levels on the RS20A are superbly quiet at only 65dB.  You won’t be able to hear this generator from inside the home, and your neighbors won’t be disturbed by its operation during test cycles or power outages.  Fuel consumption is typical for natural gas and propane-fueled generators of this size.  Expect to burn between 1 and 2 gallons per hour of propane depending on load.

The same design of generator is available in smaller 13kW and 17kW sizes, too.  These are the C13 N6H and the C17 N6H.  Typically, the cost of the 13kW and 17kW model is almost identical to that of the larger 20kW machine, so in practice, few people order the smaller units.

The nice thing about the new design is that it’s NFPA 37 (relevant building code) rated to be placed up to 18″ from your home’s exterior wall.  Previous models in years past required as much as 36″ clearance, which is hard to find in Naples, Fort Myers, Estero and Bonita Springs neighborhoods where lot lines can be tight.  The low sound level typically meets strict requirements for places like Sanibel and City of Naples, where ordinances require quiet running.

If you’re in Southwest Florida, we invite you to call Tropical Generator at 239-206-4509 for a free quote by phone or in person.  Let the generator experts handle your generator project.