Generator Expertise Matters and Here’s Why

14_20 RESA 3You need a true expert to install or service your generator.  Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t have the necessary expertise.  But why does it matter?  What’s so different about generators that makes expertise so vital?  It starts with technology.  A generator produces electricity, so a technician should be familiar with electrical equipment. A generator also has an engine, with the same moving parts found on a vehicle.  So your generator technician should also be an expert at engines.    Since the generator usually has a propane or natural gas fuel supply, you’ll also need someone that’s an expert at diagnosing and installing gas fuel systems and the plumbing which brings the fuel into the generator.  So you need a plumber.

Naples Generator Installation - LP Tank

This 250-gallon underground propane tank is being installed in Naples for a whole-house generator.

Finally, you need someone that is an expert at computer systems.  All modern generators have onboard computers which need to be programmed using advanced software.  The technician should be an expert at TCP/IP networks for remote monitoring, and have good familiarity with hardware and firmware updates which must be installed from time to time.

Generator control keypads show important information and are part of your generator's computer system.

Generator control keypads show important information and are part of your generator’s computer system.

By now, it’s clear that you need a special person to work on generators.  Unfortunately, most generator companies just hire electricians, who are more experienced with ceiling fans and light switches than they are with engines and computers.  Never expect an ordinary electrician to have expertise with generators.

Proper expertise with generators is gained from working with generators exclusively for many years, and with factory training.  But it also requires expertise in electrical contracting, gas plumbing, concrete and other trades.  At Tropical Generator, our owner is a Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractor – which is Florida’s highest license class for electricians.  License #EC13007873.  Our owner is also an LP (Propane) gas Master Qualifier and Licensed Master Installer.  License #37518.  Both of these licenses require many years of documented experience and are the foundation for a legal, safe installation of a generator in Florida.

Your generator company should have all of the above qualifications and several more.  Without this expertise, mistakes will be made during installation and service that drastically increase the potential for generator failure in time of need.  The last thing you want is to get a poor quality generator installation from an unqualified person, only to have the generator not operate properly when the power goes out.

If you would like an expert review of your current generator, or need a brand new system, call Tropical Generator at 239-206-4509.  We’d love to hear from you.