Honda Generators Now Delivered

Tropical Generator has always been committed to carrying and installing the best quality generators. When it comes to portable generators, Honda is pretty much king of the hill. They make high quality machines that last for many years. But you still need a way to connect that power to your home.

Tropical Generator Delivery of Portable Generators to Naples, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte
Tropical Generator Delivery in Naples

Tropical Generator is not only a Honda Generator Authorized Dealer and service center, we’re also electricians. That means we can install a home connection kit so you can use your Honda generator with all your existing plugs, lights, and switches. No more extension cords!

Tropical Generator Honda Portable Generator Powering a Home
Honda EU2200 Powering a Home

During Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Charley in 2004, Southwest Florida found out just how bad power outages can be. Now, Tropical Generator has made it easy with home delivery of your generator (a top quality Honda, too). We’re also providing pickup and delivery for service and repair of your generator. We can come out once or twice a year and change the oil, spark plug, and filters to make sure your generator is ready to go for the storm.

But remember, winter is the best time to think about generators (be it buying or service) because we aren’t as busy. But call us any time of year. We want to serve you!

Greg (owner)

Generator Home Delivery

Tropical Generator is proud to offer home delivery on portable generators. We also provide at-home service and repair for Yamaha, Honda and Winco generators. If you buy it here, we’ll come and service it.

Service is always hard for homeowners because they can’t pick up a heavy generator (most are over 100 pounds). We pickup and drop off, or service it at your home, so you can take it easy. Call us today at 239-206-4509 for portable generator (or standby generator) service and repair.

Naples Generator Home Delivery
Tropical Generator’s box truck with nice liftgate to pickup and drop off portable generators.

Generators Are A Big Deal

Some folks are sold a bill of goods by other contractors, especially those running a “super center” type business that only focuses on price and convincing the customer that everything is easy. Here’s a picture of our crew last week, installing a generator. Yes, it requires a crane. That generator weighs 1,200 pounds. It requires a crew of 3-4 people to set it in place. You want experts doing this work, not Walmart-style employees getting minimum wage.

Tropical Generator employees installing a 38kW generator with a crane.  The generator weighs 1200 pounds and requires 3 people to install. Naples/Collier County.
Tropical Generator employees installing a 38kW generator with a crane. The generator weighs 1200 pounds and requires 3 people to install. Naples/Collier County.

Scary Trends in the Generator Industry

I am often amazed at the amount of substandard work that is done in Southwest Florida. We have a lot of competitors that are not generator experts, and apparently don’t care about the finished product, or the customer. This is the case in many industries (plumbing, electrical, roofing…) but with generators the problem is unique.

In the last year, we’ve seen a couple of competitors spring up. One of them claims to be a “super center” of sorts. I’m not sure what that means, but judging by what customers are saying, they’re not impressed.

Installing generators in Southwest Florida is unique, and it requires expertise in local conditions, not an out-of-state supercenter. I know this because I’ve done it personally in other parts of the country. In Naples, for example, you have to deal with complicated flood and zoning rules. This leads to a lot of contractors just skipping the Collier County requirements for a proper project and throwing a generator system together in a couple of days. A properly done project would take 4-6 weeks. This contractor does it in 2 days. How is this possible?

They just ignore the requirements. No permits or missing permits. The problem is not discovered until several months or even years after they’ve been paid. The county comes knocking, saying why wasn’t this permit closed out, or why didn’t you get a permit for the gas line you installed? The customer is then left to clean up the mess, and can’t sell their home or have any additional work done (roofing, electrical, AC work, etc.) until the generator project is finished.

Tropical Generator (my company) has spent YEARS accumulating the people and procedures necessary to do this detailed work in Southwest Florida. Don’t let a new, out-of-state competitor sell you on an easy project at a low price. You’ll be left holding the bag.

-Greg, owner of Tropical Generator.

Generac Rusting Issues – Again

It’s so hard to convince prospective customers that the brands they are most familiar with may not be the best choice. Here’s a Generac liquid-cooled generator. These photos are from 2015, but it shows the ongoing issues we deal with. A better choice is a Cummins or Kohler generator, which have all-aluminum enclosures.

Generac Rust Problem

Generac generator with rusting issues.

Generac rusting exhaust

Generac rusting is NOT limited to the enclosure. Here is the exhaust manifold with chunks missing due to heavy rusting.

Generac rust issues

Generac frame showing extensive rust and missing chunks of metal. We have seen similar issues on even newer equipment.

Generator Expertise Matters and Here’s Why

14_20 RESA 3You need a true expert to install or service your generator.  Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t have the necessary expertise.  But why does it matter?  What’s so different about generators that makes expertise so vital?  It starts with technology.  A generator produces electricity, so a technician should be familiar with electrical equipment. A generator also has an engine, with the same moving parts found on a vehicle.  So your generator technician should also be an expert at engines.     Read more ›

Tropical Generator Radio

Tropical Generator has partnered with 92.5 FoxNews for Naples generator installations and all of Southwest Florida.Tropical Generator has partnered with WFSX, better known as 92.5 FoxNews radio to get our message out to Naples, Estero, and Fort Myers!  You’ll hear our ad during the Rush Limbaugh program from 12p-3pm.  Did you hear the ad? (Listen to it below.) Let us know how you like it by emailing us at!

If you need a Naples generator installation or perhaps installation or service in Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs or Marco Island, we’d love to talk with you at 239-206-4509.  You’ll get personal service and commitment to quality.

Listen to our radio ad below!



Cummins Introduces New 20kW Generator

Cummins RS20A 20kW Generator New Design

After almost 10 years, the Cummins Onan 20kW residential air-cooled generator is getting a complete redesign.  The new model is called the C20 N6H and uses the Cummins QSJ999 engine.  Cummins likes to have multiple names for the same product, so the C20 N6H is also called the RS20A.  Lots of changes were implemented during the redesign.  Gone is the odd, mushroom-shaped lid from earlier models.  Instead, Cummins has taken its styling cues from, well, a brick.  But don’t let the basic design fool you… Read more ›

Generators for Hurricanes in Naples, Estero and Fort Myers

Scope Trace Generator UtilityCustomers ask a simple question: “What’s the best generator for my situation?”.  Of course, you can call us at Tropical Generator and we can usually answer that question for you.  But what are some good guidelines? At a bare minimum, all Florida residents should have a small portable generator that can be used to power a few lights, refrigerator, TV and mobile phones.  For about $1200 you can buy a quality Winco portable generator that does the job and will last you a long time.

Stay away from cheapo models found at discount and home stores — they aren’t designed to last and can have poor quality power output that may even damage sensitive appliances like cell phones.  During Hurricane Katrina, many people purchased cheap generators only to find that cell phones would burn out after just a few minutes connected to the generator! Why?  Read more ›

Naples Collier County Wildfires and Power Outages

Wildfires Power OutagesWildfires can occur in Florida, particularly in the winter months when rainfall is lower and brush is dry.  Yesterday, I-75 was closed east/south of exit 105 due to heavy fire and smoke.  Naples and Collier County saw the heavy smoke. But can wildfires affect electrical power and cause outages? Wildfires can damage or weaken utility structure such as utility poles, transformers, and supporting equipment.  While firefighters do their best to prevent such damage, it can still occur if the fire spreads fast enough.  Power outages from wildfires are somewhat less common than outages by other causes such as hurricanes and summer thunderstorms. Read more ›

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