Generators for Oxygen Concentrators and Medical Equipment

Oxygen Concentrator on GeneratorWe sometimes get phone calls from customers that need to power medical equipment during a power outage, or while traveling.  Things like oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines.  Powering medical equipment requires a clean power signal from a quality generator.  Using a cheap, low-quality generator to power these devices can damage the device.  The good news is that you can easily power medical equipment with a high quality home standby like Cummins or Kohler, as well as portable generators with inverter technology such as Honda, Yamaha or Kohler. Read more ›

Does Your Generator Company Have a Good Attitude?

We received another phone call today from a customer that had a problem with “XYZ generator company” in Naples.  I’m genuinely sorry to hear when customers are dropped, even though it does sometimes mean we gain a new customer.  The sad part is, the customer doesn’t usually find out they’re in trouble until a power outage strikes and the generator doesn’t work.

Here is what to look for in a generator company (Naples, Fort Myers, Estero or elsewhere): Read more ›

Installing Generators in Cape Coral, FL

When we install generators in Cape Coral, we get a few unique questions.

First, security.  I’m not sure whether crime is really higher in Cape Coral, or if customers there are just more security-minded for other reasons.  How difficult is it to steal a standby generator? Pretty hard.  A standby generator weighs about 600 pounds and requires at least 4 people to pick up and move by hand.  This makes it almost impossible to load into a pickup truck without a crane or lift-gate.  We have these on our trucks, but most crooks probably don’t. Read more ›

Hurricane Season Generator Install Times

It takes about 3 weeks to install a generator system if you already have propane or natural gas at the home; or 4 weeks total if you don’t have gas and it needs to be added.  This takes into account time needed to pour a concrete slab, place the generator on the slab, and perform many other tasks like electrical and gas connections.  Obtaining the necessary permits from your local municipality can extend this schedule if they aren’t prompt in issuing permits.

Currently, the City of Cape Coral is taking 2-3 weeks just to process our permit applications.  The Town of Estero, about 10 days.  Collier County, 2-3 weeks.  So, if there’s a hurricane, what happens to installation times?

A hurricane will disrupt the local permitting department, as they are inundated with requests pertaining to repairs of roofs and structures.  Expect several weeks for permitting as well as the usual 2-4 weeks for actual generator installation.  The additional delays after a hurricane make it all the more important to install your generator now.

If the worst does happen, give us a call.  We may be able to get a temporary solution for you while waiting for permits and other holdups.

Never Trust Generator Sizing Calculators

It’s tempting.  You’re trying to size a generator for your home, and you come across an online calculator from a generator manufacturer.  You plug in your appliances, what you want to run, and it spits out a recommended generator size.  Unfortunately, these generator size calculators are almost always wrong.  Here’s why, and what you should be doing to get an accurate generator size. Read more ›

2016 Hurricane Season Is Almost Here

Hurricane Ice ReliefWe’ll just have to hope there isn’t a hurricane this year.  That’s what a potential customer says when they decide to wait until next year to get prepared for power outages.  Sometimes it’s for budget reasons, but many times it’s because life’s other priorities make thinking about power outages a little inconvenient.  The sad part is seeing these same folks suffering later on, in the aftermath of a major hurricane.   Read more ›

We Are Now Tropical Generator!

FPG-TG LogosPart of our commitment to customer service is making sure your experience is as smooth as possible.  After talking with many of our customers, we heard a common theme: people have trouble remembering the name Florida Power Generation.  Others confused our name with the local power company – Florida Power and Light.  We listened, and decided that our business name needed improvement. Read more ›

Generator Monitoring for Home Standby Generators

Sample GeneratorLink Text Alert

Sample GeneratorLink Text Alert

Get a text message or email with important generator alerts! Wouldn’t you like to know when your generator is running? If you’re away, it’s comforting to know that your generator in Florida is working as expected.  If a fault occurs, you’ll get an instant notification — or, we can receive the alerts on your behalf and immediately dispatch a technician.
Read more ›

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