Generators for Hurricanes in Naples, Estero and Fort Myers

Scope Trace Generator UtilityCustomers ask a simple question: “What’s the best generator for my situation?”.  Of course, you can call us at Tropical Generator and we can usually answer that question for you.  But what are some good guidelines? At a bare minimum, all Florida residents should have a small portable generator that can be used to power a few lights, refrigerator, TV and mobile phones.  For about $1200 you can buy a quality Winco portable generator that does the job and will last you a long time.

Stay away from cheapo models found at discount and home stores — they aren’t designed to last and can have poor quality power output that may even damage sensitive appliances like cell phones.  During Hurricane Katrina, many people purchased cheap generators only to find that cell phones would burn out after just a few minutes connected to the generator! Why? A quality generator will have a special output smoothing device called an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). The AVR takes a rough, jagged power output from the generator and smooths it out so that it’s safe for your sensitive electronics.  In the picture above, you can see that a quality Kohler generator has very good power output.

Lower Quality Generator Scope Trace

Output from a lower quality generator has jagged edges on the power signal.

In the photo at left, you see a lower-quality generator’s ouput.  This generator cost less than $750 at a home store.  But you will notice the jagged edges and square notches on the signal.  These notches represent voltage inconsistencies, and for some sensitive electronic appliances, it spells certain death.  This photo isn’t even the worst we’ve seen.

Compare this photo to the utility power and quality Kohler generator photo above, and you’ll see the difference.

Every home needs a generator, but be sure you pick a good one that will be safe for your needs.  And of course, any generator has an engine which produces exhaust.  It needs to be run outside only. Never operate a generator on a porch, in a garage, a shed or any enclosed area.

If the idea of a portable generator sounds difficult, let us talk to you about a quality automatic standby generator.  These permanently mounted units come on automatically when the power fails, and shut off once power is restored.  You can reach Tropical Generator at 239-206-4509, and press option 1 for sales help.  We serve Naples, Fort Myers, Marco and Charlotte County from our SW Florida location!