Generators for Oxygen Concentrators and Medical Equipment

Oxygen Concentrator on GeneratorWe sometimes get phone calls from customers that need to power medical equipment during a power outage, or while traveling.  Things like oxygen concentrators and CPAP machines.  Powering medical equipment requires a clean power signal from a quality generator.  Using a cheap, low-quality generator to power these devices can damage the device.  The good news is that you can easily power medical equipment with a high quality home standby like Cummins or Kohler, as well as portable generators with inverter technology such as Honda, Yamaha or Kohler.

Most oxygen concentrators consume about 350 watts of power, which is easily supplied by a small inverter generator.  Battery backup options are also available, but may not provide the several days of runtime that customers usually want.  Call us at Tropical Generator, 239-206-4509, for a free phone consultation about the right solutions for powering medical equipment.