Pricing – Installation

Installation represents the majority of the cost of a generator system, especially in Florida.  The safest way to get accurate pricing is to call us for a free estimate.  Our pricing is all-inclusive: you pay one price, and we do everything necessary to give you a working generator system.

Here are some of the things we account for in our installation pricing:

  • FEMA Flood Elevation Survey and City/County Permit
  • Boundary/Easement/Setback Survey and City/County Permit
  • Professionally-made AutoCAD Drawings for Permit
  • Electrical Permit and 4 separate inspection stages
  • Gas Permit and 3 separate inspection stages
  • Generator and transfer switch
  • Concrete pad, poured-in-place (not prefab) with permit
  • Crane service, if necessary to place the generator
  • Shipping, delivery and labor costs
  • Excavation labor and machines for underground gas/electric lines.
  • Propane or natural gas piping, regulators and labor
  • Electrical wire, conduit, materials and labor
  • Temporary generator for installation day to keep your power on.
  • Building permits required by local authority having jurisdiction
  • Expert configuration and startup of generator by a trained technician.

***Due to Covid-19 (i.e., the China Virus), please be aware that major shortages of generators and installation materials are affecting the industry.  We make every effort to work around these difficulties, but you should order without delay, even if you are waiting until next season.***

If you have an average size home up to 2,500 sq feet with existing propane or natural gas service, our installed generators start about $18,000 for a standard, air-cooled generator system.  Liquid-cooled generators are better, and start at about $40,000 installed. Liquid-cooled systems can serve larger homes, or smaller homes with better reliability.  Our company delivers on a lot of things that competitors claim to include but can’t deliver.

Starting price means the simplest job for homes with a configuration that allows simple installation.  Many homes will be more.

The above pricing does not include adjustments necessary for product shortages and materials pricing/market conditions stemming from Covid-19 and hurricane impacts.

If you do not currently have natural gas or propane, we can add a 500 gallon underground propane tank, good for up to 10 days of runtime, fully installed, starting at $9,500.  Please keep in mind this is a starting price.  Larger tanks and longer distances will add to the cost.  There is currently a propane tank shortage affecting the entire country, so availability may be affected.

Need a quote or more info?  Call 239-206-4509 or email us at:

The prices above are ballpark estimates only, designed to give you an idea of the general price range of our installed systems.  Please remember that installed pricing will vary considerably due to variations in specific homes.  For a firm quote, please call us for a no-cost estimate.  Pricing assumes average distances and difficulty level, for homes that are no more than 15 years old and otherwise meet current building codes.  Pricing assumes existing propane or natural gas service is of sufficient size and capacity to supply fuel to a generator in addition to existing loads.  At time of in-home estimate, we will confirm suitability.  Other pricing applies to some homes.  Tropical Generator LLC makes no representation that sample pricing will apply to any specific home.  All pricing on our website is subject to change at any time, without notice.

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