Fort Myers and Naples Generator RV Belt Maintenance


A common cause of trouble in RV generators is a loose main drive belt.  Most larger-capacity generators (5,000 watts and above) will have one of these belts.  This belt transfers power from the generator engine to the main alternator.  This alternator is what makes 120v AC power for your RV’s vital systems, including air conditioners and battery chargers.

When the belt becomes loose, symptoms start gradually.  You may notice a squeaking sound: occasional at first, and becoming more frequent as time goes on.  Eventually you’ll see dim lights, low voltage to appliances, and air conditioners that won’t start or won’t cool effectively.

If the belt is not tightened, it can lead to burn-out of the generator’s AVR (automatic voltage regulator).  This part can cost up to $800 plus installation, so it pays to prevent damage to the AVR.  If your generator has more than 750 hours of runtime or is more than 3 years old, your belt probably needs to be tightened or replaced.

Working on an RV generator is somewhat difficult and requires special tools and training.  To tighten the belt, the generator must be removed from the RV in almost all cases.  There simply isn’t enough room to access the belt otherwise.  But once it’s done, your generator will be much more reliable and will prevent damage to the coach electrical system and the generator itself.

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