Scary Trends in the Generator Industry

I am often amazed at the amount of substandard work that is done in Southwest Florida. We have a lot of competitors that are not generator experts, and apparently don’t care about the finished product, or the customer. This is the case in many industries (plumbing, electrical, roofing…) but with generators the problem is unique.

In the last year, we’ve seen a couple of competitors spring up. One of them claims to be a “super center” of sorts. I’m not sure what that means, but judging by what customers are saying, they’re not impressed.

Installing generators in Southwest Florida is unique, and it requires expertise in local conditions, not an out-of-state supercenter. I know this because I’ve done it personally in other parts of the country. In Naples, for example, you have to deal with complicated flood and zoning rules. This leads to a lot of contractors just skipping the Collier County requirements for a proper project and throwing a generator system together in a couple of days. A properly done project would take 4-6 weeks. This contractor does it in 2 days. How is this possible?

They just ignore the requirements. No permits or missing permits. The problem is not discovered until several months or even years after they’ve been paid. The county comes knocking, saying why wasn’t this permit closed out, or why didn’t you get a permit for the gas line you installed? The customer is then left to clean up the mess, and can’t sell their home or have any additional work done (roofing, electrical, AC work, etc.) until the generator project is finished.

Tropical Generator (my company) has spent YEARS accumulating the people and procedures necessary to do this detailed work in Southwest Florida. Don’t let a new, out-of-state competitor sell you on an easy project at a low price. You’ll be left holding the bag.

-Greg, owner of Tropical Generator.