Installation Process

Every generator installation starts with a phone consultation, or a free in-home quote!

We will inspect your home and provide simple generator options that fit your budget. There’s no pressure to decide immediately! When you’re ready, just call or email your Tropical Generator representative.

Installation takes 2 to 4 weeks from the time you sign up, in most cases.  We handle everything, including permits, materials, electrical and gas connections.  You’ll deal directly with our local project manager, who is ready to answer your questions 24/7.  You will have the manager’s cell phone number and email address for quick answers any time.

If a storm threatens, we’ll be very busy.  Consider buying your generator today.

Your generator will run for days or weeks at a time, if necessary.  Whether you choose to run the entire home, or just some essential circuits, your Tropical Generator expert will explain all of the options to you.

Call Tropical Generator today at (239) 206-4509 for a free telephone estimate and info.

I don’t need a big generator. I only want to run a light and my refrigerator.

-homeowner without hurricane experience

My generator up north only cost $X. Why is it so expensive here?

– homeowner new to Florida requirements

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