What it Costs

How much does it cost? Generator systems are an investment. The generator itself represents only a fraction of the cost of a total installed system. Customers often see generic advertisements on television promising very low prices. But these prices don’t include installation. What does a system like this really cost out-the-door?

All generator installations need to include electrical, gas and concrete labor and materials. Since we’re dealing with gas and electrical, we need experts and good personnel are expensive to train and hire.

Location. Generators installed in other parts of the country are less expensive than those installed in Florida. Florida has significant permitting and building inspection requirements that can add a lot of expense to a generator.

Availability. Generators are sold by manufacturers on a national market. A hurricane in Texas dramatically affects supply available in Florida and Alabama. For this reason, dealers sometimes stock equipment ahead of time, but it costs money to store and pay for.

As a homeowner, you should be informed. Companies that promise to install a generator package for a price significantly lower than Tropical Generator are probably cutting corners on that installation, which can result in safety or reliability problems.

Generator installations must include the following:

Site-poured concrete pad
Electrical wire, gas piping, and materials
Upgraded gas meter and regulators
Electrical service disconnect and utility company work
Heavy delivery and placement
Heritage Generator

Tropical Generator has spent years learning how to install generators. Everything from what type of wire is used to the size of gas piping required to prevent future problems. No detail is ignored. Our pricing can sometimes appear to be higher, but when expertise and proper methods are considered, you’ll find Heritage Generator very competitive.

Permits and building inspections are a significant cost of working in Florida, particularly in Naples. Here are some of the permits we are required to obtain:

Electrical Permit
Gas Permit
Utility Company Disconnect / Reconnect Appointment
HOA Approval
Elevation Certificate
Surveys Before and After
Numerous Additional Permits

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